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So what ideas (like generally accepted feminist concepts, not talking extremely radical ideas) do you disagree with?


Well, the biggest thing for me is the dishonesty. For example, I’ve NEVER met a feminist who didn’t believe in the whole wage gap thing, but it’s actually a complete myth! Women CHOOSE jobs that pay less, or pick lifestyles that keep them from earning as much. The reality is, men who do the same thing earn that same lower amount, and women who pick high paying jobs or make different lifestyle choices earn as much as or more than their male counterparts. It’s actually all about choices. But most feminists will deny this no matter what. I mean, one of my feminist friend’s response to this was literally “BUT WOMEN STILL DESERVE THE SAME PAY”, as if women deserved more money simply for existing or something. And this girl isn’t the least bit radical!

There’s also the crazy radical shit that freaks me out. Plus, in my experience, most nice feminists would rather criticize me for not being a feminist than they would like to call out the feminists who push people like me away. That’s not cool. I mean, I got a lot of criticism - even from nice feminists - back when I was one one, simply because I tried to speak out against the radicals.

There are also feminists who are like “important” and have influence who have received that same kind of treatment. It’s like…even the nice feminists aren’t willing to speak up and talk about the problems within feminism. They’d rather just criticize those who do speak up.

There’s also the “it’s all about us” thing, where feminists make EVERYTHING about women. For example, a lot of feminists say that one of the reasons men are made to feel like that can’t cry/express emotions is because of misogyny and say that feminism will fix it eventually. Yet…the entire reason we’re even talking is because a feminist said all boys were crybabies. Pretty sure that if you want to make boys feel like they can express their emotions, you shouldn’t make fun of them for crying when they’re sad. I mean, that’s counterproductive as fuck.

And they get SO mad when people say “not all men” yet if you generalize (just like they do about EVERYTHING else) and say “feminists are _____”  then they will SCREAM “NOT ALL FEMINISTS”. Hypocritical on so many levels. 

And I don’t like the focusing on non-issues like cat-calling or high school dress codes. That affects nothing in the grand scheme of things and a lot of times doesn’t come from sexism at all. 

It’s a lot of issues with the way things are handled, the attitude…just all of it, really. At this point, I can’t even find any good things in it any more. I feel like even my nice feminist friends scare me a bit sometimes. 



studies show that Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton were gay with each other

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Let’s Play a Game of: Fuck, Marry, Kill

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Make me choose between two historical figures.

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Once you fall in love with an OH star, there is no going back.


Richard Burton gives me so much life

"also I’ve got red underpants on, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see that"

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one of my favorite quote of hbc’s is “wouldn’t it be nice if mr. right moved in next door” because THAT’S LITERALLY WHAT TIM DID

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